Rapid Prototyping

3D Printing allows for iterative design testing before a production run is undertaken.

One of the most rewarding services we offer is Rapid Prototyping, we find it truly exciting to see peoples ideas transformed into something tangible and real.

Prototypes are one of the most valuable design tools enabling you to test the aesthetics, fit and function of a product or a component before commencing a full scale production run.

Our team are skilled in rapid prototyping utilising various techniques and can cost effectively produce one off prototypes and even short production runs.

Our team can assist you in testing your designs and can develop and recommend the best production system to meet your needs.

How we can help:

  • 3D CAD Virtual Prototype Simulation
  • Production of non-functional prototypes (full scale or partial scale)
  • Production of fully functional prototypes
  • Testing – Including Failure mode and Effect Analysis
  • Testing the assemblies prior to production
  • Production Systems Design and Development